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Introducing ReBorn

We are thrilled to introduce ReBorn, a revolutionary company offering stylish household goods that don’t cost the Earth, now available on Yimbly. ReBorn is a forward-thinking brand that produces eye-catching everyday items that are both sustainable and affordable.

In elegant Shell and Cloud grey, ReBorn's entire product range is available for purchase through Yimbly.com—our new marketplace where you can find everything from cutlery drainers and sink tidies to utensil holders and washing bowls.

Sustainable Solutions

ReBorn is committed to providing shoppers with better, more sustainable solutions for their household needs. Consider the everyday items we pick up from supermarkets—dish drainers, coat hangers—that often come from virgin plastic manufactured in the Far East and shipped to the UK. This extensive use of fossil fuels in both manufacturing and transport comes at a significant cost to our planet.

Moreover, many of these products are “co-moulded,” meaning they’re made of mixed materials that can’t be recycled. As a result, most of this plastic ends up in landfill, never decomposing.

ReBorn’s innovative use of waste materials reduces carbon emissions by 79% compared to conventional methods used in the homeware industry. Their entire range has received approval from chemical engineers at Brunel University London, where recycled plastic undergoes rigorous quality checks. This ensures that customers can be 100% confident in its safety for home use and durability.

ReBorn products are not only reusable, repairable, and recyclable at the end of their life but have also been designed to be space-efficient, useful, and long-lasting. Their functionality and colours have been extensively researched among consumers to bring style and practicality into our homes.

What Brian Walmsley stated

Brian Walmsley, founder of ReBorn, highlighted a critical issue: “Almost 70 million homeware items are thrown away in the UK every year, many of which will end up in landfill. We know this is a major issue that retailers have been keen to address.”

Through ReBorn, we aim to tackle this problem head-on by creating a brand that turns industrial waste into eye-catching homeware. These products elevate your kitchen’s aesthetic while delivering a more sustainable and circular approach that clearly resonates with consumers.

Join us on Yimbly as we embrace sustainable living with ReBorn’s innovative range of household goods. Together, we can make a positive impact on our planet while enjoying stylish and practical homeware solutions.

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